Imagine a beautiful English city mixed with the Harry Potter movie set and loads of college campuses and students and you get Oxford. 

I was lucky enough to call this beautiful city home for 3 weeks while I was taking a course at Oxford Brooke’s University. 

Our first day there was May Day, where the tradition is to participate in May Morning. Complete with a 6:00 am start, singers on the church towers and Morse dancers, it was a neat experience. Al the students and locals were out, there were thousands of people in total. 

The best part of Oxford in my opinion is the mix of beautiful buildings and gardens and nature. Everywhere you look, buildings have unique features and amazing details. The narrow streets and loads of pedestrians and cyclists, mixed with gardens and green spaces make the town very picturesque. 

The Radcliffe camera is one of the most significant buildings to see in Oxford:

The Oxford Brooke’s Headington campus where I studied was very modern compared to many of the Oxford schools and campuses. The facilities were excellent and the campus was just a short walk away. 

Punting was one of the many popular activities in Oxford. It involved a group of people taking a long wooden boat out on the river with a large pole to push the boat along in the shallow water. Sounds crazy, and it’s definitely more challenging than it looks but it’s also a lot of fun! You can pack a picnic and some champagne and have a great afternoon. 

The Botanic Gardens are located right along High street near the river. These gardens are absolutely beautiful and offer a lovely area to spend time next to the water.

Oxford Botanic Gardens:

The Oxford High street offered lots of shops and restaurants. The best part of the city is that with all of the students, many places are very affordable or offer student discounts.

View of High Street:

Going for a tea was a classic English affair that we did in Oxford. Cream tea and scones became a favourite! My favourite spot was The Vault, which was right across from the Radcliffe Camera. 

A typical afternoon tea and scones:

Overall, Oxford was a lovely city and I was very lucky to spend three weeks here. I will definitely go back to visit! 


The Cotswolds 

The Cotswolds is probably what a lot of people think of when they think of the English countryside. An area with beautiful landscapes, lovely towns and villages and thatched roofs. 

We stayed in a lovely B and B called the Bird in Hand near Witney for the weekend. It had 16 unique rooms and a lovely restaurant attached. 

Bird In Hand Inn:

We visited several towns and villages during our stay. We visited Burford, where we looked at shops along the High street and a cafe. On Saturday we had breakfast at the Inn and then visited Blenheim Palace in Woodstock. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. The grounds are equally as lovely as the palace. If we had more time I would have done one of the walks available throughout the grounds. 

Blenheim Palace and Gardens:

We went to Broughton on the Water, a lovely quaint English tourist spot with shops and a creek running through it.  

I had my first Cornish Pasty here, so tasty!

Finally, we visited Oxford which I will post about later…