Bath is a beautiful old town located in southwest England and is well known for its Roman baths. 

The Bath Abbey is located in the heart of the town. It is a former monestary and is now an Anglican Parish church. The building dominates the town centre and contains beautiful vaulted ceilings, and stained glass and seats approximately 1200 people.  The Abbey was majorly restored in the 1860s. It is still an active place of worship.  It’s free to visit, a donation is recommended but it is definitely worth even a brief visit.

Bath Abbey:

The Stained Glass in the Abbey:

Bath Circus was another beautiful space to visit. It has beautiful Georgian architecture, with now very expensive flats. The central area is complete with large trees and most flats have lovely gardens. There is also a nice view of Bath from this location. 
Bath Circus:

The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths are the most well known site in Bath. It includes the bath, hot springs and cold springs that were used for both bathing purposes, recreation, and healing and wellness purposes. The hot spring bubbles and reaches a temperature of 46 degrees Celsius. 

The water is greenish in colour because of the limestone.
The site contains a museum full of facts, artifacts and restoration works. There was so much more to it than a Roman Bath and the museum really makes you understand that. We spent about an hour in the museum but could have spent a bit more time.

The kind of thing you’ll find in the museum:


The history of the site dates back to 60-70 AD and is definitely worth visiting! There is so much more to learn than I expected!


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