East Sussex 

This past week has been spent staying with family in East Sussex England. This area is located about 25 from Gatwick Airport making it very convenient to travel to. It is also about one hour to the centre of London, and one hour to the coast. While a car is the easiest way to get around the area, all of these trips can be done by transit. 

On our first day, we visited an old town called Rye. It’s near the sea, and located where rivers meet. The town has roots dating back to 1200 and is a medieval town, which served as a historic port. 

Ypres Tower (Rye Castle) is a historic part of the town wall. You can climb several steep staircases and reach the top which offers beautiful views of the town:

Being such an old town, the buildings are historic, original and the roads are often cobblestone.  The town is complete with shops and lovely cafes, restaurants and inns. We visited the Mermaid Inn, where we were given a tour including the wine cellar:

Cobblestone street in Rye:

From East Sussex, it’s very easy to get to London by train. We did this one day, which I will post about later.
East Sussex is full of Beautiful towns, villages and countryside.  One afternoon we went for high tea in Horsted, a place the queen used to visit. 

High tea cakes:

 Our other days were spent visiting local towns of Uckbridge and Tunbridge Wells for lunches,  shopping and sight seeing. 

An example of the housing in Tunbridge Wells:

Overall, East Sussex is a lovely area to visit if you want to see both the coast and the countryside. Easily accessible to London, but less busy and expensive. 


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