A beautiful province in the south of Austria.

Time in Carinthia: 3 days

Highlights: Picturesque views of the Eastern Alps  

Carinthia is the southernmost province in Austria and borders both Italy and Slovenia. It’s capital city is Klagenfurt which is the centre for bus and train transportation to other destinations. We took a five hour train from Munich to Klagenfurt which offered beautiful scenic views of Germany and Austria. 

Views from the train:

The area is very hilly, with mountains everywhere you look and several small towns and villages. 

The beautiful views can be seen from mountain tops or Pyramidenkogel which is the worlds tallest wooden observation tower at 100 metres. It offers beautiful panoramic views of the alps, lakes, villages and fields below and is definitely worth the climb (or there’s an elevator if you prefer) and even a slide to go down!

Views from Pyramindenkogel:

After three days in Carinthia, visiting family, we headed to Vienna by Flixbus…


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