Iceland Air 

There’s always something exciting about being at 37000 feet and not knowing what day it is. A two hour shuttle to Pearson, three hours at the airport and a total of about 10 hours of flight time, makes for a bit of confusion. I’ve never flown during a full moon before but it was a very neat experience. The sky was also very clear which made it easy to follow the journey of Canadian cities – Toronto, Montreal, Quebec before we started flying over the Atlantic. 

Flying Iceland Air proved to be a great experience. Easy online check in and boarding makes a happy traveler. Some extras on the flight like free water bottles, blankets and pillows make for a comfortable overnight flight. Even cooler still is the inside lights of the plane resemble the northern lights. Definitely in the future I will take advantage of their stop over program, which allows you to stay in Iceland for up to 7 days at no extra cost on your way to Europe. Luckily I have an hour to find Icelandic souvenirs and snacks between flights!

Overall, Iceland Air was excellent especially for the price and I would definitely fly with them again! And now I can say I have been to Iceland and hopefully I will go back soon! Brilliant how they incorporate and promote tourism so much with their airlines. 

 Now to begin the first bit of my journey in Munich Germany!


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