Europe: A Planner’s Dream

I remember one of the reasons I was so attracted to the University of Waterloo’s urban planning program, outside of my love for cities, was the opportunity to travel abroad in Oxford, England. While at the time I knew very little about the program I knew I wanted to travel and see the world and this offered me one opportunity to achieve that.

Now having finished classes of my final semester last week, my dream of traveling to Oxford and beyond becomes a reality tomorrow. I will traveling for 7 or so weeks around Europe with various groups of people and in various different styles of travel. While the Oxford planning course is a main focus of my trip I will learn in every city I visit and see incredible examples of urbanism.

This is an opportunity to take my learning beyond the classroom or a co-op placement.  It will help me understand what similar challenges other places face and how they manage them. My goal for this adventure is to learn about planning in such a way that I could make positive changes in how I plan for urban change and challenges when I return home.



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